The Godfrey Hotel

Not-quite in the loop, but still downtown, Chicago's Godfrey Hotel is a small wonder within the windy city.
Last February, I had the opportunity to visit Chicago, home of the deep-dish pizza. While looking for hotels (with a budget in head), I decided to go for one that wasn't in the loop, but still close to a metro station. I stumbled upon the Godfrey Hotel and decided to establish my home there for a few days.
What attracted me at the Godfrey Hotel wasn't its location, but its modern decor. The 16-story building, opened since 2014, is a classic boutique hotel; a colourful interior design mixed with posh elements. The exterior, made with glass and steel, looks like a Tetris game (where someone is actually winning) that shines through the conventional neighbourhood. What makes it special is its spectacular rooftop lounge, where you can see a magnificent city skyline. Music, fireplace and cool drinks await when you reach the 4th floor of the hotel. A classic Chicago thing, they said. Well, that view is nothing from classic in my point of view. It is breathtaking.
That view is also something you can have from your own room, and I guarantee you won't be deceived. The beds are fluffy and ready for your good night sleep. The rooms are well-decorated and welcoming. There is everything you need in there; from the coffee machine to the plasma TV. You won't worry about anything since the room is clean and the staff, friendly.

If you are up for a treat, go dine at Dolce Italian. The modern restaurant is a must for every pasta lovers. From hand-made ravioli to creamy risotto, every little detail is cooked to make your mouth melt. I would also recommend taking a deliciously crafted drink made by their funny bartender, guaranteed to entertain you as you empty your glass. The service is personalized to your every needs and professional. I must say, your wallet might be slightly lighter after that dinner, but not your belly.

Finally, I had quite a lovely experience at the Godfrey Hotel in Chicago and I would recommend anyone to go there, especially since it is affordable.

Enjoy your stay,
The little traveller's boots

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